A visit to Erfurt

The city of Erfurt is one of the most worth seeing cities in Germany, not only because of its beautiful old town. From well preserved half-timbered houses and town houses as well as numerous churches to the Krämerbrücke, you can visit a variety of interesting places.

The Krämerbrücke is the most famous tourist attraction in Erfurt and is one of the oldest bridges in Europe. The bridge is fully built and lined with small houses, cafés and shops. Therefore, the bridge invites you to take a leisurely stroll and attracts many visitors to the beautiful city every year. Especially during the Krämerbrückenfest in summer and winter, the bridge is decorated with special ornaments and thus bathed in its own flair. The Krämerbrücke and its surrounding cafés are also ideal for a short break in between the colourful hustle and bustle of Erfurt.

The next important sight in Erfurt is the Mariendom in the centre of the city. From the cathedral square you can reach Erfurt Cathedral and the neighbouring Severikirche by climbing 70 steps. Both buildings are truly impressive and belong to the landmarks of the city of Erfurt. The Erfurt Cathedral Stair Festival takes place annually on the steps leading to the cathedral. During this time, plays are performed on the steps, which the visitors of the city enjoy every year. Even though the exterior view of Erfurt Cathedral is very impressive, it is also worth visiting the inside of the church. Colourful glass windows decorate the high ceilings of the Gothic building and make this church a special place. After the visit of the two churches, the fish market and the town hall of Erfurt are also worth a visit.

Another essential point for a visit to Erfurt is the Anger. This large square is an important junction for public transport and is a good starting point for a visit to Erfurt’s old town. In addition, the Bartholomew Church is situated at the Anger. Only one of the towers remained until today, which is integrated into the surrounding rows of houses.
For fans of the well-known figures from the German children’s channel KIKA, there are also places all over Erfurt where they can be found. Above all, the Sandman, who sits on a bench behind the Krämerbrücke, is a popular destination for visitors from all over Germany.