A weekend in Regensburg

The city of Regensburg has a lot to offer. From the old town, to cosy cafés and restaurants as well as extensive green areas around the Danube, there is something to see and do for everyone.

The Old Town of Regensburg

A walk through Regensburg’s old town leads you directly to the most beautiful sights in Regensburg. Because of its medieval beauty, the Old Town has been part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage since 2006. It is characterised by some impressive churches and chapels as well as simpler structures. The Regensburg St.Peters Cathedral serves as a point of orientation during a walk through the historic centre and accompanies you on your way through the alleys and small streets of Regensburg. A visit to the inside of Regensburg Cathedral is of course a must and the cathedral treasure delights numerous visitors to Regensburg’s old town every day.

The Stone Bridge and the Regensburg’s City Centre

The stone bridge is another attraction and an important tourist destination in Regensburg. It is considered to be the oldest bridge in Germany and leads directly across the Danube to the other side of the river. There, you can enjoy the beautiful panorama of the Danube with a view across the stone bridge to Regensburg’s old town. By crossing the stone bridge, you can easily go back in time to when the old town of Regensburg was not yet a destination for active tourism but a medieval trading town. In fact, the city of Regensburg emerged from a former Roman camp and served as a base for important historical developments.

The Walhalla near Regensburg

When staying overnight in Regensburg, a visit to the Walhalla near the city centre of Regensburg is a must. This impressive construction was built by King Ludwig I to honour important personalities and is still today a place of devotion to important personalities, and an interesting sight around Regensburg. The journey by car to Walhalla takes only a few minutes and when visiting this memorial you will have a wonderful view of the surrounding landscape of Regensburg.