Our concept

Limehome combines the quality standard of a hotel with the coziness and comfort of an apartment. Our suites in prime locations in German and Austrian cities are available for short city trips as well as longer business trips. Thanks to our electronic access system, the suites can be entered at any time of day or night.
Mission: We are leading the digital revolution in the hotel industry to define new standards in convenience, comfort and design.

So Suite – more than a hotel room

Our suites are furnished by our architects and interior designers according to the highest quality standards, modern, well thought-out and with loving details.
In addition to comfortable, high-quality box spring beds and fresh towels, all suites have a fully equipped kitchen.
Fast, free WLAN and smart TV are also part of the inventory.
Suites in top locations
When selecting our suites, we make sure they have central locations with good public transport connections and close proximity to the city centre, so that you don't lose any time driving back and forth during your Limehome stay.
Short city trip or long business trip - both is possible at Limehome!
We want to welcome private and business travellers alike. Therefore our suites are bookable for a short weekend trip as well as for longer project stays (depending on the location) - flexible, according to your needs.
Simply digital
Thanks to our electronic access system via a keypad at the house entrance and at the apartment door, you can check in at any time after 4 p.m. - regardless of the opening hours of a reception or agreements with the landlord. You will receive the access codes by e-mail or SMS on the day of arrival.

Our founders and our story

Interview with the Limehome founders Dr. Josef Vollmayr und Lars Stäbe
1.Lars und Josef, please introduce yourselves. Who are you and what did you do before Limehome?
Let me start... I studied business administration and statistics at the LMU Munich. After my Ph.D. for Prof. Homburg at the University of Mannheim, I worked for 5 years at McKinsey in different countries and roles, but with a focus on Value Creation, Private Equity and Retail/Consumer Goods. Since I was always very curious and interested in many things, it was obvious that I would start a company at some point. Limehome was not only the right business idea but also the right time to start.
I studied at the TU Munich „TUM-BWL“. My interest in starting my own business came up early during my studies when joining the student consultancy „Academy Consult“ and the „CDTM“. After my studies, I went to McKinsey as well, where I was able to help shape the digital strategies of a number of large corporations and finally got to know Josef. During my Ph.D. and after hundreds of nights in hotels as a consultant, I decided to bring this industry into the 21st century with a clever concept.
2.How did the idea of founding Limehome arouse?
The idea for Limehome was born bit by bit. On the one hand, we have seen that there is a great demand in the hotel market for modern and fully equipped suites for both business travellers and tourists, but hardly affordable offers. So we tried to make this possible. To do this, we had to address the entire value chain and in some places we had to take completely new paths, such as developing an automated cleaning calendar. On the other hand, as McKinsey management consultants with an average of 500 hotel nights, we ourselves were part of the target group and saw what weaknesses there are in the current hotel market.
3.What makes the Limehome team different?
Due to our business model, we have employees with completely different backgrounds such as designers, architects, real estate and finance experts, specialists for operations, logistics, online marketing and brand building, but also developers and BI/data experts. What all Limehomies have in common is their passion for finding solutions together, designing something themselves and making Limehome big.
4.Where do you see Limehome in 5 years?
In 5 years we will be the hotel with the most locations in Europe...
Exactly! And we also offer a digital hotel experience that can be measured against 4-star hotels and is unforgettable... "So suite"! 🙂